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Because you can be the change you want to see.

Join us in creating media that highlights and embraces multiculturalism in Asheville. We are proud to be POC owned, and the only bilingual platform in 828.

Would you like to support multicultural media, while you support a friend?

Your donation of $267. We will feature the business of your choice for one months in all of our platforms.

Your donation of $500

We will feature two businesses of your choice
for two and a half months in our website and all of our platforms.

* These businesses must be independently (not franchise)
and locally owned

Greater donations are very appreciated and will be used to produceĀ  stories from our communities and always with the goal to promote multiculturalism.

About Asheville Multicultural


Because to create a community that is inclusive, we need to do many things and one of those things is to encourage and support media made by POC. Yes folks, Asheville Multicultural is the first platform in 828, openly embracing diversity by creating media that highlights our rich and multicultural communities .


Bilingual, multicultural, independent, unchained and 100% local media


Because at this very time, we need to stand together and not be afraid to show our values. Asheville Multicultural values life, families together, Black Lives, Brown Lives, the LGBTQ community and ALL. For this reason we want to ask you to join us in creating the community we deserve.

Our Mission

To promote a culture of inclusion by showcasing diversity in media, and by highlighting the contributions POC and ALL make to Asheville.